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lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company

Here is a Career you can count on that pays very well and rewards you for your hard work and dedication allowing you Freedom with your family and loved ones.

Golden Memorial is committed to helping deserving families across the country who are waiting to learn about the company's affordable burial insurance plans. As a Golden Memorial agent, you'll help lead Thousands of Families from Many States in meeting families' final expense insurance needs.

Our agency will give you everything you need to succeed!!! We believe in dedicated personal service for your insurance needs. 

Our company

Golden Memorial Insurance Services

  • Over 30 years with Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®
  • Owned by the Barragan family
  • Operating in 12 states
  • The largest agency for the estate of Lincoln
  • The largest final expense agency in the United States.
What do we do?

We provide a simple, affordable solution with real value for a growing market through the Lincoln Heritage Funeral Advantage® plan.

Our agency is committed to providing you with full support, quality training, and competitive compensation.

What is the Funeral Advantage™ plan?
  • Funeral financing with the benefit of funeral planning.
  • Financing made with the Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Policy.
  • Funeral planning done with the services and guidance of the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society.
Funeral Financing with Lincoln Heritage
  • Pays claims within 24 hours of claim approval.
  • There is no automated phone system during business hours.
Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®

Our product

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company® offers total solutions for seniors who are concerned about meeting their final expenses. Lincoln Heritage has partnered with the Funeral Consumer Guardian Society, an independent senior consumer advocacy organization that provides peace of mind with funeral planning.

Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company has made underwriting simple and no medical exams are required. Insurance is based on the answers to the health questions on the application.

The customer's monthly payment never goes up. (fixed payment) as long as premiums are paid.
The amount of a client's coverage never decreases as they age, as long as the premiums are paid.
The policy accumulates cash value after the second year.
Claim not contestable within 24 hours of receiving a death certificate.

Golden Memorial rewards you for your efforts.

We offer incentives such as:

  • Exotic incentive trips for contest winners (provided by Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company®)
  • Bonus bonuses
  • Rolex Watches
  • New Computers/Printers
  • And much more…